Questions and answers about our load testing service

How stress test works

What is Thread?

Threads execute requests to URLs provided. Threads are distributed among region so each server has no more than 8 agents on it.

How many requests each thread do?

Thread perform requests in sequence, so this is mostly depends on speed of your web application and network latency. For more load you should choose data centre closer to your server.

How many requests per second can I expect?

It depends on your application. With 100, threads you can expect up to 700 requests per second

Do you support keep-alive?

No, and this is done intentionally. Goal of service is to help understand how many real users your application can handle. Real users will not share same connection.

Randomizing your requests

How to use $RND

You can include $RND(int from, int to) in your URL. each $RND will be replaced with random number between from and to, so you can increase complexity of your request

For example, http://www.example.net?$RND(100,200) will result in requests like http://www.example.net?134 etc

Can I use multiple $RND?

Yes, sure! It is very useful to measure how search works:
will run search near London with random center and radius.

Also, you can use it for paging:
https://www.google.com/search?q=microsoft&start=$RND(0,99)0 -> https://www.google.com/search?q=microsoft&start=440

Is it case sensitive?

Yes, please use uppercase: $RND

Understanding load testing results

What is 95%, 98%, 99%?

That's percentiles. A percentile is a measure the value below which a given percentage of observations in a group of observations fall.

For example, if your test says that for 98 percentile time was 1200ms, it means that 2% of users had to wait more than 1200ms

What means public result?

You can mark your test as public if you agree to show link to it for other users. One of best 25% test within last 7 days promoted on LoadMe website as proof that this service is useful.


How does subscription works?

We are using PayPal to manage subscriptions. Once subscribed, you get access code to unlock premium subscription levels

How to reset access code?

Please contact us via email, and we will provide your with new code.

Can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe anytime directly from paypal. In case of any dificculties with unsubscribe please contact us via email.

What is refund policy?

Last monthly payment is completely refundable upon request.

Customer support

Please send your questions to info @ socialtalents.com